Gyratory Crusher Main Shaft Spare Parts

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Method of Replacing Gyratory Crusher Main Shaft Spare Parts

  • First, the removal of Gyratory Crusher Main Shaft Spare Parts bush: Measuring the tile joints old bearing shim thickness, levelness Main Shaft Spare Parts and measuring headspace old bush, backlash, axial clearance. Then, the detection Gyratory Crusher tile back and bearing exposure.
  • Second, understand the technical standards Main Shaft Spare Parts scraping of: Gyratory Crusher Main Shaft Spare Parts close contact with the bearing should be uniform, there are some with the gap, the upper and lower bearing and outside Main Shaft Spare Parts section contact angle wedge formation, and starting from the tile wedge gradual transition from the maximum to zero. The contact angle is not too large nor too small. The more actual contact spots within the scope of the contact angle, the finer, more uniform, the better.
  • Third, scraping Main Shaft Spare Parts Watt: scraping Gyratory Crusher Main Shaft Spare Parts watts should axis as a reference, both for research use in the hole after scraping blade. Scraping the program is the first of coarse and fine scraped watts, then coarse and fine scratch on the tile, then fine scraping across tile, scraping side of the gap and keep the last oil spots.
  • Fourth, the detection tile back and bearing contact situation: You must be a good scraping tile back to reach the technical requirements. Otherwise, when Gyratory Crusher run or turn prone to reverse slip between the pad and the bearing.
  • Fifth, measurement and adjustment of bearing clearance: clearance decisions bearing wedge thickness and dynamic pressure, and affect running accuracy and load carrying capacity Main Shaft Spare Parts, while Gyratory Crusher bearing clearance also constrain oil viscosity used. Heavy think over the General Assembly bearing clearance caused Gyratory Crusher reduces vibration and bearing life, bearing gap is too small will lead to bush-burning. Therefore, a reasonable conditioning bearing clearance is an important issue that must to reach the required standards.
  • Sixth, assembly and test: When assembling, we must first bearing, journal, and lubricating oil collector pipeline clean, then Main Shaft Spare Parts tile, tile rod assembled. When the test, first start the pump, when oil and slightly larger than normal operation. If there is no oil Gyratory Crusher significant increase significantly increased and the current phenomenon in the testing process, it means scraping the installation is successful, Gyratory Crusher can be put to normal use.

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