Our Mission

To support Mali, Africa in promoting the reproductive health of families and individual women and children by improving access to skills development, knowledge, information and services, throughout the lifecycle, in order to reduce related morbidity and mortality so as to enhance the quality of life.

Our Vision

Enjoyment by all people of Mali, Africa of an improved quality of life through a significant reduction in maternal, infantile, and neonatal mortality and morbidity, good traditional practices and conditions that enable women and children to participate in and benefit from healthy development.

Our Function

  1. Raising awareness at high policy levels as well as the community level on the social and economic burden of maternal, infantile, and neonatal ill health and mortality
  1. Reinforcing the institutional community response to life-threatening conditions for mothers and newborns and promoting and integral, participatory and gender-sensitive approach to the establishment of quality basis reproductive health care for all individuals and families at all levels of the healthcare system
  1. Strengthening country reproductive health management as well as national capabilities for the development and application of appropriate guidelines to ensure the prevention and proper care for reproductive health matters targeting mothers, newborns, abused children, reproductive health needs of young people and adults of sexes and promotion of responsible gender relationships

Promoting evidence-based planning and service delivery through development of regional and national database and the undertaking of operational research.

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