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One Village One Clinic

This project is to build a clinic in each village. That will allow pregnant women to…

$0 of $50,000 raised

Save Pregnant Women and Child

Each day 80 newborns die in Mali, every three hours a woman in Mali dies due…

$5 of $10,000 raised

Medical Equipment

Denko is asking for used or new Medical equipment for our labor and delivery department, such…

$0 of $20,000 raised

One Child One Bednet

Malaria kills about 400,000 people every year and more than 200 million fall ill. Before bed…

$5 of $9,000 raised

School Supplies Donations

Denko Foundation is collecting donations of school supplies to address the most critical needs from families…

$5 of $8,000 raised

In kind Donation

Denko Foundation is only collecting NEW donations of diapers, wipes, formula and hygiene items (e.g. soap,…

$4,186 of $9,000 raised

Our Sponsor

Denko Foundation works with a variety of corporate sponsors in a multitude of ways including in-kind product donations, event sponsorships, monetary donations and social media campaigns. To become a sponsor please contact at denkofoundation@gmail.com